Fear is an Illusion

We’ve all dealt with fear at some point in our lives and that’s a normal reaction to something scary happening in our lives, but irrational fears are liars. Sometimes we think about things so much, that we turn them into huge problems that we just can’t deal with.

Fear paralyzes us when we let it. I spent most of my life being afraid of everything. Some of those things I should have been afraid of, but some of those things were just all blown up in my head and once you get fear of everything in your head, it’s hard to get it out.

Acceptance is important

The first thing to do when fear has taken over your life is to simply accept it. You can’t ignore it because it will just grow and grow and eventually, it will turn into anger and hatred for whatever you are fearing or even towards yourself. Once you accept it, you’ll feel that sigh of relief because you now realize what it is you are feeling and you’re being honest with yourself.

Fear will limit us in what we want to do.

The fears that we do not deal with will limit us in everything we do. They will grow and grow until you are paralyzed and stuck in a very emotional situation. Don’t let fear keep you in the dark. Confront that fear and let it go.

Don’t be a victim to fear!

Don’t let fear turn you into a victim. You are not a victim, you are the victor!! By learning how to change the way you see the thing that you fear, you can control how you see fear. Once you can control it, you’ll be able to see that, most of the time, it’s just an overblown idea in your head.

Change how you see fear!

You can transform your thoughts into one of confidence and fearlessness by changing your mindset and saying positive affirmations. The way we speak about things and to ourselves has a huge impact on how we think and feel.

Challenge yourself to step out into fear!

Challenge youself to step out of that fear and to step up to that fear. Most of the time that I was afraid of something, I would just push through it, say my affirmations, and talk to myself about how I CAN do this and when I did..it was not scary at all. It was my brain telling me I was afraid. You’ll feel more confident and proud of yourself and your self-esteem will soar!

Practice mindfulness!

Practice mindfulness. I like to get in a comfortable place that is quiet and with no distractions and I take slow, deep, breaths, and I clear my mind of all negativity. I then replace those thoughts with positive affirmations. This has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and improves attention and memory.

We were meant to live a life of peace, love, and abundance and if you stay scared , you’ll never be able to have the life that you dream about. Start taking care of yourself, be mindful of your thoughts, step out of that comfort zone and see that you can face your fears with confidence.

Step out of the illusion of fear. Fear will lie to you and it will paralyze you until there is nothing left.

Here are just a few of my favorite affirmations:

  1. I breathe in confidence and I exhale fear.
  2. I am shifting my focus from the things I fear to everything I am grateful for.
  3. Fear is only a feeling, it cannot hold me back.
  4. I am brave, fearless, bold, and strong.
  5. Fear is a liar.
  6. Fear is temporary, Regret is forever.
  7. I am stronger than my fears.

I hope this has helped you and if you need more support, please feel free to reach out to me if you don’t have someone to turn to.

Published by JStone

I am a Heart-Centered Life Coach on a mission to help others overcome their limiting beliefs, low self esteem and negative mindsets so that they can live the life they have been dreaming of!

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