I hope..

I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re well. I hope you have everything that you need and want. I hope that if you’re not, then I hope you have the strength to hold on until the day comes that you can rise up and take back your power.

Yes.. we all have immense power in us to survive the worst of the worst, we have the power to endure things not meant to happen to us, we have the power to fight back against people and things that are toxic to us and we have the power to heal our hearts, minds, and spirits.

I always felt small and weak because of things that happened. I always believed what “they” said to me and about me. I always thought that I was doomed to a life of misery. I believed them when they said I was broken and a waste of life. I believed them so much, that I started telling myself these things. I can’t believe that I wasted so much of my life believing that nonsense.

I no longer listen to the toxic people who never even knew who I really was. I no longer have those toxic relationships in my life. I no longer tell myself negative, ugly things. The only thing wasted was me spending years believing those things and trying everything in my power to get them to love me.

Now I tell myself that I am good and worthy. I am enough! I am an asset to this world! I am loved and needed, but most of all.. I truly love myself, flaws and all and all those toxic people and ugly things I was told are what made me who I am. I am strong. I do have power in me to change my world and hopefully the world around me.

I have people all around me that are down and out and blaming 2020 for their misery and I get that. I do. A lot of people have suffered loss of family members, jobs are gone, businesses lost, and just general craziness and stress. I have learned that no matter what’s going on, we must rise to the occasion and draw on that strength and our faith in ourselves and in humanity. Life is hard. It’s painful. It’s not fair and it’s going to paralyze you with fear if you let it.

Life is also beautiful and full of love. Take those hard, painful things and turn them into something that you can use to change your life. We are all special and unique. We were made to be a light to the world. We all have gifts. Some are big, powerful gifts and some are small, but they are all equally important to the world. Everyone matters in this world. You matter. You are enough. You are loved, wanted, and needed. If you believe nothing.. believe this.

I thought that there would never be people in my life that would be so supportive, positive and encouraging, to me. I had a few wonderful people that kept me here in this world, but the noise of the toxic people was so loud that I couldn’t hear the goodness of the others. I finally got tired enough of all the misery and I said “no more”… no more misery, no more feeling dead inside, no more listening to that voice in my head telling me I’m no good.

So here’s the thing.. stop listening to those people and those voices. Stop allowing toxic people and things hold you back from a beautiful life, and love yourself so much, that it drowns out anything that is not serving your purpose. Walk away from negativity. Walk away from toxicity. Walk away from anything that makes you feel bad, unloved, worthless, or hurt.

RUN as fast as you can towards the dreams you have. RUN as fast as you can towards the love that you need, even if it’s just yourself. RUN as fast as you can towards anything that is going to make your life shine like a bright light to the world. We are not guaranteed to live a long life, we are not guaranteed ANYTHING in this life.. that is why we must grab every opportunity to really live and to be a light to others because the more we give to others, the brighter our light will shine!

Times are hard and crazy right now and the world does not care about how we feel. The world is not going to help us solve our problems or feel better. We must always love ourselves enough to do the right thing For ourselves. We can have the best people in the world around us, but we still need to have the kind of self love that allows us to be our most authentic selves no matter what is going on. We need to have so much love for ourselves that we don’t allow other people or things get in the way of our peace. Without peace, it’s just chaos and with chaos comes self-doubt, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and a lack of boundaries.

So the next time that you have these types of feelings, sit back and reflect on what is exactly making you feel this way? The other person or situation, or have you allowed those things to bring you there? Those things can only hurt you if you allow them to. Don’t let them disturb your peace, don’t let them make you feel less than and don’t let them break the barriers of your boundaries.

I truly believe that we were all meant for greatness. We were made to be happy and fearless. We were made to be a light to the world and to love and help eachother. We need to build eachother up, not tear eachother down. We’re all different. We’re all in this together on this earth and we should work together, not against eachother. Go out and be kind to those who need it, reach out your hand and help someone up, give a compliment to a random stranger, you never know what people are going through. They may look fine on the outside but dying on the inside because of family issues, an abusive partner or parent, they may have lost someone they love, or they may just feel lonely and forgotten. I know that for years there were actually people who hated me because they thought I lived some kind of fairy tale life and it could not have been further from the truth, I just kept a smile on my face and acted like life was a dream come true.

That is my thought for today, I was inspired by a friend who inspires me everyday and I felt a calling to say this. I love you guys and I want you to be as happy and content as I do now! It’s the best feeling ever and I owe this year to that…It was a Blessing in Disguise.

This is my Hope for you!



Published by JStone

I am a Heart-Centered Life Coach on a mission to help others overcome their limiting beliefs, low self esteem and negative mindsets so that they can live the life they have been dreaming of!

10 thoughts on “I hope..

  1. I loved reading that. In particular I liked this sentence ‘ RUN as fast as you can towards the love that you need, even if it’s just yourself’. Self-love is definitely the greatest form of love and we all deserve to love ourselves.

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    1. I wrote this in just about 15 minutes after talking to a few people at a shelter and they inspired me and it just flowed out of me. Those are the best ones I think! Thank you.

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