Stepping into my moment!

My mom always told me that I needed to let my voice be heard because what I had to say was important. Honestly I thought she was crazy because I didn’t think I had anything special to say. She was an awesome mom, always encouraging me to step out of the shadows and voice my opinion and write my stories.

She’s the one who gave me my love of reading and that led to writing. It’s been a long time, but I’m writing again and stepping out of my fear. I have dreams again. I’m not sitting on the sidelines wishing I could stand up and tell the world my story.

I want to tell others like me that fear is a liar. I want to tell them to go out, own your story, and never go back to that place that held you prisoner again!

I would tell them that they have gifts and they need only worry about what to do with those gifts. What other people think or say about them doesn’t matter. It only matters what they think of themselves.

I would tell them to step out of their pain and into greatness! I would tell them to say yes to themselves. Yes to showing the world that they matter and they have something to say. Yes to living a life of abundance and pure joy because we all deserve a life like that.

There’s a big world out there full of kind people who’s hearts are just as big as ours are and they are looking for us. They are waiting for us to step out so that we can share our gifts and help make this world a better place. There are people out there who need us to help.

I never thought I could make such an impact on the world but I am learning that kindness goes a long way and the ripple effect is astonishing. I was told this morning by a friend that my stories helped her to make the decision just to be happy no matter what. That was everything to me because I know what she’s been through and how hard it’s been for her. I literally cried because this is why I do what I do.

So next time someone or even yourself tells you that you aren’t making a difference, just walk away. They don’t know what they are talking about. It just takes one person being impacted in a positive way to start that ripple effect. Go out and use that beautiful voice. Be as loud as you want because the world needs to hear your story and your voice.

I’ve been worried lately that I’m not letting my full voice come out when I speak with people or do my lives and even though I’m doing ok, I feel like I’m holding back so I’m making a promise to myself to work out whatever has me holding back.

I do not want to be silenced anymore. I want to shout at the world with all that I am and I want to tell them that I’m still standing and I win! I came out of those shadows and the sun has never felt better. I was made to help others and I was given a gift to help with that and I swear I’m going to skid into my grave, a little old lady, empty of every gift God gave me and smiling from ear to ear!

So you go out there and you use your gifts until they are all gone and you have touched as many lives as you can and when you are doing this.. smile big and speak loudly. Remember we’re all in this together and life is short. I plan on running to my goals next year and my voice will be heard everywhere and my smile will be so bright that the stars will shine a little brighter.

Just keep your chin up and breathe. We’ve got this because kindness and love are everything. Our voices and the story’s they tell matter.

Published by JStone

I am a Heart-Centered Life Coach on a mission to help others overcome their limiting beliefs, low self esteem and negative mindsets so that they can live the life they have been dreaming of!

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