Allowing your faith to be bigger than your fear~

She gave her all to everyone but was so tired and sad that there was nothing left for herself. She gave because her heart demanded it. She couldn’t help herself. Seeing the joy on their faces made her heart smile.

She pulled herself up and with a big sigh… she took that first step and continued on. She was on a mission to help others to find their happy spot. That thing that made their hearts do a little dance. The thing that propels us out of bed in the morning. The thing that makes us feel so proud.

Sometimes she forgets to help herself and she gets lost. Sometimes she becomes afraid of moving further into those dreams she has for herself. She catches herself standing on the cliff, wringing her hands together, wanting to jump but is afraid she’ll fall and break her crown.

Then she remembers what she tells her loves… to take a deep breath, straighten that crown, and jump!! Build those wings on the way down and fly like an angel. She smiles and even laughs a little at the thought that she…the girl who was afraid of everything, was not only standing on the cliff, but jumping off and building her wings so that she could fly.

My what a miraculous thing life is. Just when you think it’s over, the universe steps in and says “Come fly with me! You can do it! You were born for this.” Just like that, your life changes and you grow and learn and you feel strong again. Life is like that…always changing and the storms come and go like the waves on the ocean

I think that its wonderful to give to others, especially in this day and time, but it’s also good to care for yourself because if you are too tired or too broken to help yourself, how can you help others? I think the world needs more people that give love and kindness to those they come across. I believe in having a servants heart because whatever we give out in this world, we will surely get it back.

Kindness is my mantra and I am the broken girl who’s still afraid of a lot of things but I’m still here and I’m still trying. Will you take a chance and believe in yourself enough to step off that cliff and build your wings?

Published by JStone

I am a Heart-Centered Life Coach on a mission to help others overcome their limiting beliefs, low self esteem and negative mindsets so that they can live the life they have been dreaming of!

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