For the girl…

For the girl who cries silently at night…

For the girl who fears trusting again because she’s been betrayed by those she loves…

For the girl who thinks she’s not good enough because she was bullied all through her school years…

For the girl who is starving for male attention because her father abandoned her…

For the girl who cuts herself because that feels better then the life she’s having to live…

For the girl who has no one to turn to because her parents are just not capable of being there…

For the girl who feels so very alone in this world…

For all the girls who have been told that they don’t matter and have been made to feel like nothing. The girls who were told they would never amount to anything good, that they are worthless and a burden to those around them, or left alone to be abused by family members.

I see you. I feel your pain and my heart breaks at the thought of all the ugly in this world breaking your heart too.

I’m here to tell you that your broken heart will smile again. That you will get through this and you will find the sunshine again. You are worthy of all the love and goodness in this world and there IS goodness in this world. You just haven’t found it yet. That love and that beautiful heart of yours is where you start looking…because when you love yourself…everything changes.

I was where you are…I was angry and sad and heartbroken. I was afraid of everything and everyone and I longed to be invisible so that no one would see me. I bet you feel that way too? Well, I see you and all your scars and I think you are perfectly imperfect.

You are worthy, you are wanted, you are loved, and you are the only you there is. It will take some time and you’ll never forget the awful things in your life, but you will become strong and confident and you will learn to love yourself again because it’s not your fault! You did nothing wrong. Nothing.

It was all them. They were people who had no conscious. They had no care in the world at all for anyone. This was THEIR sickness and they took it out on you. They are the ones who need to suffer for what they’e done…not you…not for always.

I know your thoughts because those used to be mine. I used to silently cry at night after everyone was in bed. I never told my mother because she was hurt too. I was afraid of everything, I avoided conflict at all cost, and I felt I had no worth or that no one would ever want me because I was broken.

You are not ruined and you are not unloveable. You will make it through this if you just hang on. Just take one step at a time and you’ll see how far you can go. You have more power than you’ll ever know and life will become limitless if you’ll just take that chance and believe in yourself.

Love yourself. Love yourself so much that it covers all the guilt and shame that you are feeling even though you did nothing wrong. Take that guilt and shame and let your anger be towards the ones who hurt you and then allow that anger to spur you towards putting yourself first. When you have put your health, happiness, and peace of mind first, that’s when the healing begins.

Build those wings while you are rebuilding your life and fly as high as you want to. The world is waiting for you to fly so that you can show others that it’s going to be hard, but it’s going to be ok. Your story will help others and that will, in turn, help mend those broken pieces you are desperately holding together.

Fly high sweet girl! Fly high!

Published by JStone

I am a Heart-Centered Life Coach on a mission to help others overcome their limiting beliefs, low self esteem and negative mindsets so that they can live the life they have been dreaming of!

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