How helping domestic violence survivors helped me too.

I cannot tell you how good I felt after giving a speech to the wonderful, courageous, women of the local shelter. I was asked to speak to them about my own story in hopes it would build their confidence in the fact that they can overcome the abuse they’ve been through. A friend of aContinue reading “How helping domestic violence survivors helped me too.”

Do you have the courage to make your life a Blessing?

Do you like who you are? Are you happy with your life? Are there things you want to try but have doubts as to whether you can do them? Do you believe that you are a blessing to the world? I get it. I was not happy with myself or my life and for aContinue reading “Do you have the courage to make your life a Blessing?”

Why you need to set boundaries~

It is so important to have personal boundaries set in place and to also make sure you are consistent in enforcing them. Boundaries are essential because they set the tone for how other people treat you. Boundaries that you set for yourself are important because, by holding yourself accountable and enforcing them, you are takingContinue reading “Why you need to set boundaries~”

How I came to be Fearlesly Authentic~

When I first started on this journey into personal growth, I had no idea that my life would change so much. I just knew that I had to make a change or I was going to literally drown in my misery. It all began when I started looking into personal growth. The more I read,Continue reading “How I came to be Fearlesly Authentic~”

How starting a morning routine changed my whole day!

I’m am not a morning person. I never have been. It seems like I drag around all day and the minute it gets dark, I wake up and I’m full of energy. That’s when I am most creative and it’s also quiet and I have no distractions. When I started in this journey, everyone keptContinue reading “How starting a morning routine changed my whole day!”

Being Bullied Changed Who I Was!

Hey you guys! I really wanted to just write a quick post about bullying. This is Bullying Prevention Month and I really want to try to make everyone aware of it and if you know about this already, then just a reminder. Our children, especially, are at risk of being bullied at school and weContinue reading “Being Bullied Changed Who I Was!”

How a Gratitude Journal can change your life!

Have you ever tried journaling? Did you like it? I’ve been doing it since I was about 10, I guess. I have always loved writing and reading too. It gives you an outlet to get all of your feelings down on paper or even if you’re just keeping notes or little tidbits about your favoriteContinue reading “How a Gratitude Journal can change your life!”

Fear is an Illusion

We’ve all dealt with fear at some point in our lives and that’s a normal reaction to something scary happening in our lives, but irrational fears are liars. Sometimes we think about things so much, that we turn them into huge problems that we just can’t deal with. Fear paralyzes us when we let it.Continue reading “Fear is an Illusion”