The saddest thing I’ve ever done

I’ve had quite a bit of time to sit in self relection and really look at my life and all the things that have happened. My life has been the brunt of all things gone wrong and it has also been a huge blessing at the same time. The things that were meant to destroyContinue reading “The saddest thing I’ve ever done”

How helping domestic violence survivors helped me too.

I cannot tell you how good I felt after giving a speech to the wonderful, courageous, women of the local shelter. I was asked to speak to them about my own story in hopes it would build their confidence in the fact that they can overcome the abuse they’ve been through. A friend of aContinue reading “How helping domestic violence survivors helped me too.”

How starting a morning routine changed my whole day!

I’m am not a morning person. I never have been. It seems like I drag around all day and the minute it gets dark, I wake up and I’m full of energy. That’s when I am most creative and it’s also quiet and I have no distractions. When I started in this journey, everyone keptContinue reading “How starting a morning routine changed my whole day!”

Being Bullied Changed Who I Was!

Hey you guys! I really wanted to just write a quick post about bullying. This is Bullying Prevention Month and I really want to try to make everyone aware of it and if you know about this already, then just a reminder. Our children, especially, are at risk of being bullied at school and weContinue reading “Being Bullied Changed Who I Was!”